For more than a quarter of a century the name Baynflax has been synonymous with the business of food processing; we were one of
the first companies to manufacture automated food processing
equipment and machines.
food processine equipment development
Our experience confirms the diversity of the applications required by food processors and we have developed Baynflax to accommodate the demand. This development includes our Leamington and Cambridge range’s and the inauguration of strong strategic partnerships with other renowned, world class food processing equipment manufactures. Namely:
The range of food processing equipment we offer is probably one of the largest available which continues to expand. We have the food processing knowledge, expertise and understanding; plus the manufacturing and human resources to meet any requirement.
 Improved Margins
Our aim is to work closely with food processors; supporting their efforts to improve productivity and increase profit. Our strength is derived from the philosophy we established when we started and run with today:
To analyse and understand food processing problems and to make sure we provide technically advanced cost-effective solutions, for food trades and industries.
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